kyou's jornada with Linux!! for jornada 720/710/728
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Linux:Let's install!
How to install Linux.
dillo (WebBrowser)
IceWM (winManager)
LANcard setup
How to install Linux on jornada 720/710/780. 1 2 3
Starting Linux.
Insert CF card to jornada.
jornada CFslot
Insert "CF card" to "CF slot" of jornada.You can use LAN card or other devices on "PCMCIA slot".
Start up "hpcboot.exe" from "jornada".
Explorer (win keywinKey+ E) > Storage Card > hpcboot.exe Icon.
"W click" or "push enter key"
screenshot of "hpcboot"
Configure "hpcboot"
1 Choose "/Storage Card/"
2 Enter vmlinuz.10
3 Choose HP Jornada 720
4 Choose wd
5 no check
6 Check "serial console",and
Choose "115200".
# If you don't use SerialPort, You must check it !!
7 push BOOT
Next...Choose gYES(Y)h
If you don't make a back up of Main Memory, you can choose "NO(N)".
And you can make a back up (How to Back up)
But if you don't need backup of jornada main_memory,
you can go to next.
Wait 3 seconds ... once you see the button Push gYES(Y)h
Wait 10 sec....You can see Penguin.
and wait more ....

Type "/xmod" and ENTER to search for the line containing "xmodmap.std" ->
you must do "comment out" by "#" at start of this line,like this.

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