kyou's jornada with Linux!! for jornada 720/710/728
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Linux:Let's install!
How to install Linux.
dillo (WebBrowser)
IceWM (winManager)
LANcard setup
If you have only "Windows PC", How to make "linux partition".
  If you have only WindowsPC, you need to prepare the environment where "Linux" moves.Some ways can be considered.
  It is necessary to fulfill some conditions.
a) You need "CardReader" or "PCMCIA slot" on your Linux machene.(It is required to fdisk a "CF card".)
b) It is the better if connectable with a network.
(It is required to move data(hd*2) to a linux partition.)
In order to fill the above, there are some ways.
  Probably, it will be easy if it is "NoteBook" with a built-in "PCMCIA card slot".
The way by the "desktop PC" may be difficulty(Recognition of a USB card reader etc.)
A "1CD Linux" KNOPPIX on NoteBookPC.
  Installation is unnecessary.
Linux moves only by putting in CD.
It is automatic to recognized "CF card".
It is set up automatically a network.
*This way is very easy if You can get a CD from the magazine for LINUX.
B The way of installing LINUX in NoteBook.
  This way will be chosen if your environment is not understood by KONOPPIX.
When installing, I think that the following Linux(distribution) are easy.
RedHatLinux : debian Linux
C The way of installing LINUX in DeskTop.
  Card reader (USB)
  *Cygwin cannot use fdisk (by ext2)
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